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Dear Customer


To ensure we can deliver safely and within government guidelines, we have put additional measures in place to protect both our customers and colleagues.


In order to provide a no-contact delivery experience for your items. Here are some additional steps we have taken:

  • Minimising the contact during delivery - the driver will call ahead before arrival to ensure minimal contact, therefore please leave the door propped open for ease of delivery. You can also give the driver instructions during this call as to where the furniture is to be situated. Should your wish be to not have our delivery team within your home, we are happy to provide an out of door service. 

  • Our delivery team will maintain a distance of six feet when possible. We ask that you support our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy by maintaining this distance as well.

  • Our drivers will use hand sanitiser and/or soap between all deliveries, this will also be teamed with wearing face coverings and gloves during delivery.

  • All items will be wiped down with santiser upon situation within the home and packaging taken away.


In order for us to be able to provide delivery of your items we do need written consent via email that the household of delivery has no knowledge of Covid-19 being present with any household members within the household. 

Should you wish to gain further information on the protocol that we are abiding to to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues during these difficult times please find the link below set out by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Working Safely During Coronavirus (Covid-19).

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